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RV Service in Everett, Washington

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Our new state-of-the-art Service Center has all of the latest diagnostic equipment to effectively service or repair your RV with confidence. Our technicians are RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) certified and combined have over 35 years of RV service and repair experience. We can provide service on any towable or motorized RV and are also factory certified to provide service on AquaHot systems found in higher-end diesel coaches.

Annual preventative maintenance is critical in keeping your RV in tip-top condition, not performing this maintenance can lead to expensive repairs down the road. To help you perform this annual service we have assembled several basic package pricing bundles to address the service needs of your Roof AC, Batteries, Generator, Appliances, Slides & Jacks, and AquaHot system. Please refer to the summaries below for a complete description of what each service includes.

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RV Services

  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Suspention
  • Appliances
  • Awnings Batteries
  • Cabinetry
  • Cargo trays
  • Carpet
  • Central Vaccumes
  • Complete Remodels
  • Counter Tops
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Dry Rot
  • Dry Rot Repair
  • Electrical
  • Fabrication
  • Fire Repair
  • Fireplaces
  • Flooring
  • Freezers
  • Generators
  • Heating
  • Hitches
  • Hydronic Heat
  • Ice Makers
  • Roof AC Service
  • Visually inspect unit(s)
  • Clean inner coils
  • Clean drain tube(s)
  • Replace gaskets and filters
  • How often should I get my roof AC unit(s) serviced?

    Every 12 months
  • Why is this service important?

    This service helps prevent debris build up. If debris is left to build up over time, it will negatively impact the efficiency and the quality of the air coming from the AC unit. AC systems can be a major source of a roof leak if not maintained properly.
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  • RV Battery Service
  • Clean terminal and posts
  • test crank amps / volts
  • top off fluid
  • apply anticorrosive
  • and more
  • How often should I get my RV battery serviced?

    Every 12 months
  • Why this service is important:

    With regular maintenance, you will achieve maximum performance and longer battery life.
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  • Generator Service
  • Replace generator oil filter
  • replace generator oil
  • replace generator air filter
  • inspect generator exhaust
  • How often should I get my generator serviced?

    Every 12 months
  • Why this service is important:

    Annual RV generator service is essential as the fibers in your oil, air, and fuel filters break down after about 12 monnths of use. When that happens, your filters no longer perform as they should.
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  • Oil Changes
  • Replace oil from engine
  • Replace the oil filter
  • How often should I get my oil changed?

    Every 3,000 - 7,000 Miles
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  • Refrigerator Service
  • Visually inspect unit(s)
  • Clean vented portion on exterior of RV
  • Test efficiency of unit(s)
  • How often should I get my refrigerator serviced?

    Every 12 months
  • Why is this service important?

    This service helps prevent debris build up on the vented side of the refrigerator. Bees like the smell of propane and could build nests in the vents. This could cause the fridge to be less efficient or even component failure.
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  • Water Heater Service
  • Visual inspection
  • Clean exterior vented portion
  • Tank flush
  • Anode rod replacement
  • How often should I get my water heater serviced?

    Every 12 months
  • Why is this service important?

    This service prevents debris buildup. Same as all propane appliances, bees like the smell of propane and can build nests in the vents. Debris and bees nests can cause the efficiency of the unit to decline. Flushing the tank and replacing the anode rod can extend the longevity of the tank wall.
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  • Stove Top and Range Hood Service
  • Efficiency inspection
  • Clear exterior range hood vent
  • Ignitor service
  • Fan motor inspection
  • How often should I get my stove and range hood serviced?

    Every 12 to 24 months
  • Why is this service important?

    Blockages in the range hood exterior vent can cause venting issues. Stove top ignitors need to be clear of debris and the ceramic casing needs to be free of cracks so the stove top can ignite.
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  • Propane Furnace Service
  • Visual inspection
  • Remove and clean exterior exhaust vents
  • Propane leak test
  • Fan cleaning
  • How often should I get my furnace serviced?

    Every 12 months
  • Why is this service important?

    Like all propane appliances, bees like the smell of propane and will build nests in the vents. This can cause the efficiency of the furnace to decline. Exhaust blockages can also be a fire hazard.
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  • Wheel Bearing Repack
  • Inspect bearings
  • Replace grease seals
  • Remove old grease
  • Repack bearings with new grease
  • How often should I get my trailer bearings repacked?

    Every 12 months or 10,000 miles
  • Why is this service important?

    Getting your bearings repacked on your trailer axle extends the life of your bearings and axle spindle. Bearing grease breaks down over time due to condensation, even if your trailer is not in use. This could cause corrosion to the bearings and in turn, the axle spindles.
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  • Brake Inspection
  • Uneven wear inspection
  • Clean the drum internally
  • Brake pad measurement
  • Check operation
  • How often should I get my trailer brakes inspected?

    Every 12 months or 10,000 miles
  • Why is this service important?

    Having operable brakes on your trailer can save your life or the lives of those around you on the road. Trailer and fifth wheel brakes can also reduce sway if used properly with a brake controller in your tow vehicle. Cleaning the drum can extend the longevity of your braking system.
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  • Axle Inspection
  • Visual rust inspection
  • Visual suspension inspection
  • Greaseable suspension component inspection and grease
  • How often should I get my axle and suspension serviced?

    Every 12 months or 10,000 miles
  • Why is this service important?

    Making sure that suspension components are moving fluidly and without friction is the best way to keep you and the trailer safe. Watching for harmful rust will extend the longevity of your trailer suspension.
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  • Stabilizer Jack Inspection
  • Visual inspection
  • Check bolt tightness and longevity
  • Check operation
  • How often should I get my stabilizer jacks inspected?

    Every 2 years
  • Why is this service important?

    Inspecting the stabilizer jacks will confirm the functionality of the jacks. If the stabilizer jacks are not functioning the trailer will not be stable and shake significantly if there is movement inside.
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  • Tongue Jack Inspection
  • Check functionality and operation
  • Check bolt tightness and longevity
  • Light bulb replacement if needed
  • Rust prevention
  • Dust cap inspection
  • How often should I get my tongue jack inspected?

    Every 2 years
  • Why is this service important?

    If your tongue jack fails while you are out on the road due to an improper maintenance plan, you could be stuck with your tongue jack up or down, limiting your trailers mobility. If a dust cap or manual override plug is missing it could cause water and road debris to gather inside the gears and motor causing a mechanical failure.
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  • Exterior Water Intrusion Leak Inspection
  • Why is this service important?

    The Sealtech machine attaches on the interior of a roof vent in your RV and takes air from the exterior of the RV and spreads it throughout the interior of the RV and creates a positive interior pressure. If any leaks around windows, doors, vents, and seams are present air will be forced out from the inside due to the interior pressure. Once we spray soapy water onto the exterior of the RV, any escaped air that is causing the soapy water to visibly bubble is the exact location of a exterior leak. Sealtech is a much more efficient way of finding exterior water leaks and much more cost affective for our customers. If the Sealtech machine was not available to us, water leaks would be notoriously hard to find and if they are harder to find, the longer it takes to pinpoint the water intrusion. Since we are an hourly labor rate shop, the longer it takes the more expensive it is for our customers.
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  • Motorhome Chassis Inspection and Service
  • Oil changes
  • Air filter inspections and replacements
  • Fuel filter inspections and replacements
  • Fluid top offs
  • Replacement windshield wiper components
  • How often should I get my chassis inspected and serviced?

    Engine oil changes: We recommend 7,500 for diesel engines and 5,000 for gas engines. This is the average but every engine is different and refer to your owners manual. All other items in the list above are as needed
  • Why is this service important?

    Chassis maintenance is the heart of a motorhome. If your engine fails, you can’t travel with your RV. If your wiper blades or any components of the wiper system fails you won’t be able to see while driving. If your engine oil is dirty or there is not enough oil in your oil pan it can cause catastrophic engine damage.
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  • Slide Out Preventative Maintenance
  • Inspect and lubricate slide seals
  • Inspect and lubricate slide mechanisms
  • Slide adjustments
  • How often should I do preventative maintenance on my slide out?

    For lubricating and inspecting the slide seals and mechanisms, we recommend twice a year depending on weather and how your RV is stored. Slide adjustments are an as needed maintenance item. If you notice your slide out extending and retracting lopsided, it needs an adjustment.
  • Why is this service important?

    The health of a slide out mechanism is extremely important. If the slide gets too far out of alignment it can cause major issues to the mechanism and the items around the slide. This can also cause your slide to not extend or retract and you won’t be able to use or move your RV safely! Applying lubrication in the proper areas of a slide is extremely important to the longevity of the slide out mechanism and seals. The slide seals keep water out so if your slide seal fails, water intrusion can wreak havoc on the interior components of your RV.

    Slide Out Replacement parts that MGRV Can Do:

    - Slide out mechanisms

    - Slide out motors

    - Slide out seals(inner and outer)

    - Slide out sub floors

    - Slide out controllers

    - Slide out wiring

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  • Generator Service
  • Oil changes
  • Fuel filter changes
  • Air filter changes
  • Failure diagnostics
  • How often should I get my generator serviced and inspected?

    - Oil changes: Every 100 – 150 running hours

    - Fuel filter: Every 400 – 500 running hours

    - Air filter: Every 400 – 500 running hours

  • Why is this service important?

    Just like an engine, the oil quality and level is extremely import to avoid costly repairs. The fuel filter is also a vital component to the generator. If the fuel filter gets clogged or is dirty it can reduce the output of the generator and can also cause starting troubles. A dirty air filter can cause a generator to stall or surge under load. If your generator stops working or passing power, you won't have 110V power to run your 110V appliances and systems!
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  • Battery Service
  • Voltage test
  • Clean terminals and posts
  • Lead acid fluid top off
  • Apply anticorrosive
  • Install trickle charges to both house batteries and chassis batteries
  • How often should I get my RV batteries serviced?

    Every 12 months or as needed
  • Why is this service important?

    Proper RV battery maintenance is critical to the usage of your RV. Lots of RV appliances and systems run on 12V power supply. If your batteries are improperly maintained and fail you can be stuck without interior lights and a functioning water pump. Keeping up with consistent battery maintenance and inspections can increase the life span of your batteries saving you money in the long run. If you let your RV batteries die too often it can damage the cells of the batteries causing a lower voltage output and charge rate. Each type of battery is different, but keeping up with the maintenance schedule can extend the life span of any battery.
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  • Paint and Body Work
  • Fiberglass repair and patching
  • Decal removal and installation
  • Custom paint and graphics
  • Paint correction
  • Buffing and polishing
  • Ceramic coating installs
  • Clear shield installs
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  • Solar Installs
  • Solar panel installs
  • Solar charge controller installs
  • Solar issue diagnostics
  • Inverter Installs
  • Inverter installs
  • Inverter controller installs
  • Inverter breaker box installs
  • Electrical wiring installs
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Maple Grove RV Transformations

Have you ever found yourself asking: "I wish I could find a one-stop resource who specialize in remodeling RVs and offer a wide range of services.

We want to be your one-stop-shop! Remodeling a home is a common practice that not only improves everyday livability but also adds resale value. Remodeling your RV can produce similar results however, finding a resource that can provide a wide variety of RV remodeling services has been practically impossible until now.

Welcome to Maple Grove RV, RV Transformations where our single objective is to enhance your RV experience by providing a unique variety of products and services that will make your life on the road more pleasurable and comfortable. We hope this website will be an inspiration and help to expand your imagination in terms of what is possible to transform your RV into something spectacular! We look forward to meeting you soon to discuss your idea.

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Renovation Services

  • Interior design consultants
  • Carpet replacement
  • Tile floor replacement
  • Luxury vinyl flooring replacement
  • Power shade upgrade and installs
  • Interior window treatment upgrades
  • Interior cabinetry repair
  • Interior furniture repair & replacement
  • Residential refrigerator upgrade
  • Appliance upgrade
  • TV & audio equipment upgrades
  • Satellite upgrades and install
  • Water damage repair
  • Wall board replacement
  • Ceiling Repair
  • Headliner Replacement

Protect Your Investment

Has your roof sustained damage from water leaks? Ignoring or delaying your RV rubber roof repair or fiberglass roof repair can result in RV roof leaks that cause mildew, rot, and other costly water damage in your sub-roof, ceiling, walls, floors, and interior. That's why scheduling your RV rubber roof replacement or fiberglass roof repair now can actually save you money over the long haul. If your fabric ceiling is stained or if your vinyl ceiling is sagging or falling down we can replace it with a new soft-touch vinyl ceiling.

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Roof Repair Services Include:

  • Total Roof replacement
  • Inspection and repair on roof mounted accessories
  • Weather damage repair
  • Roof sealant repair and replacement
  • Weatherproofing
  • Collision Repair

Safety First!

Cracked windshields, broken RV windows, and fogged glass are not just unsightly - they can also be a safety hazard. We provide RV window replacement and RV window repair services for both motorized and towable coaches, as well as RV windshield replacement and repairs. In some motorhomes, the windshield must be resealed every few years to ensure the gasket remains watertight.

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Custom Upgrades:

  • Replace Fogged Windows
  • Windshield Replacement
  • Gasket Replacement
  • Window seals
  • Skylights

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