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RV Remodeling & Customization Services

Looking for inspiration to upgrade and remodel your RV but unsure where to start? Look no further! Our showroom is brimming with bespoke RV interiors and decor, curated to reflect the latest styles and trends in the RV industry. From custom-designed products crafted in-house to innovative enhancements, we offer a diverse array of options to elevate every corner of your RV living space.

Lighting TV Windows Solar Power Entry Mats Trim Screens & Covers Water

LED light

LED Lighting Upgrade

Need inspiration to enhance and renovate your RV, but not sure where to begin? You've come to the right place! Explore our showroom overflowing with unique RV interiors and decor, meticulously selected to embody the newest styles and trends in the RV world. With our range of custom-designed products and innovative enhancements, we provide an extensive selection to elevate every aspect of your RV living space.


Flat Panel TV Upgrade

It was not until around 2006 - 2008 that manufacturers began to install flat-panel TVs in their vehicles. Prior to this, most installations had cathode ray tube TVs. The difference in picture quality and screen size of these older units, compared to current HD flat-panel TVs is dramatic. Let us show you how we can replace these older TVs with a larger screen, more compact, flat-panel TV, and how we can position them for greater enjoyment in different locations in your RV.

Windows with blinds

Window Treatments & Roller Blinds

Many RVs are factory-equipped with traditional day/night pleated shades. If you've encountered these shades, you're likely aware of the challenges they present. Constant adjustments are necessary due to the tension on the strings, which often slip down independently. The strings themselves fray and break over time, requiring two hands for operation. Nightshades lose their pleats, become warped, and accumulate dust, making them difficult to clean.

Solar panels

Solar Power

In recent years, solar panel technology has made significant advancements, offering customized solutions for RV applications. Traditionally, RVs relied on shore power and generator power for electricity. However, shore power can be costly and may not always be accessible, while generator power can be both expensive and noisy. With the emergence of solar power, RV owners now have a quiet, readily available, environmentally friendly, and cost-free alternative power source at their disposal.

RV floor with mats

Diesel Coach Custom Entry Mats

What sets apart each diesel motorhome model is the unique shape of the floor area beneath and surrounding the front dash. This region often endures the most wear and tear, especially when entering the coach with wet or muddy feet, along with rock particles. Without protection, this can lead to significant damage around the cockpit area over time. Given the individualized shape of every cockpit floor area, the most effective solution is a custom-made entry mat. Crafted from durable outdoor carpeting, our mats not only safeguard your floor but also help remove rock particles from your feet. We ensure a perfect fit for your floor area with our custom mats and can also provide matching inside and outside step mats for added convenience and cohesion.

RV exterior with stainless steel trim

Stainless Steel Trim

Adding a touch of elegance not only enhances the appearance of your coach but also safeguards your basement compartment doors from accidental damage. Opt for our Classic Armor, featuring sleek flat stainless steel, for a timeless and refined aesthetic, available in 4" and 6" heights. Alternatively, our Premier Armor offers a flawless, highly polished finish, perfectly contoured to match your coach's body profile for a factory-quality fit, as showcased in the accompanying photo.

RV exterior with covers in the windows

Solar Screens & Covers

You will be glad when camping in hotter weather that you have solar screens to help mitigate the heat transfer through your windshield and side windows. Our deluxe solar screen package includes the passenger seat window, entry door, windshield, and driver side window. It also includes a storage bag to keep all your screens safe when not in use.

Protect your tires when parked in sunny weather. Nothing is more damaging to your tires than the UV in sun rays. The sidewall of your tires will begin to dry out and start cracking prematurely if they are not covered. Our wheel covers snap on to the outside of your RV. This lets your tires breathe, unlike traditional wheel covers that can trap moisture and promote tire rotting.

Pick-up a set of wiper covers to protect your wipers from the sun and extend the life of your wiper blades. Finish your installation with a set of mirror covers that fit like a glove to protect and enhance the appearance of your mirrors.

Water from a showerhead

Truma Hot Water On Demand

Are you tired of always running out of hot water with your 6 - 12-gallon hot water heater in your RV? With the Truma AquaGo providing unlimited hot water on demand, you never have to take a cold shower again. What makes the AquaGo so unique is its ability to be retrofitted without any body modifications to your RV. Made in Germany the fit and finish is precise and has gone through countless hours of engineering and manufacturing scrutiny by highly trained experts. On-demand hot water in RVs used to be a feature limited to only high-end diesel pushers until now. With this new feature, hot water is now available to any RV with a standard propane water heater.

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