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Sell or Consign Your RV

RV, Motorhome, & Trailer Consignment in Everett, WA


  • Get more money for your RV in less time
  • High-security sales lot with 24-hour video surveillance
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable sales personnel
  • 15- year financing available for all buyers (OAC) any age RV
  • Free local and national advertising in many platforms
  • Make your RV look its best with preparation
  • Buyer inspections and extended warranty options available.
  • State of the art sales, service and paint repair facilities
  • Great location in the heart of RV retail sales in the area.


Buyers want to know they are purchasing a quality RV so it is important to prepare your RV to make it look its best. This includes detailing and repairing items not working that could create red flags. We have the ability in house to respond to any repair or replace any items that may be an issue to a potential buyer.

  • Interior and exterior detailing services
  • Replace or repair worn items including carpets, molding, and scratches.
  • Repair any broken components or items not working in your RV
  • State of the art RV Paint booth to make any repairs necessary.

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Benefits of RV Consignment

Want to sell your camper? RV consignment is a great option! Below we cover our favorite benefits of this selling approach. For more information or to start the consignment process, contact the experts at Maple Grove RV. Our dealership is based in Everett, Washington.

RV Consignment is Fast

If you were to sell your camper on your own, it could take weeks or even months.

First, you'd need to make listings. This requires taking several photographs of the interior and exterior of the camper, writing up a detailed description of the camper's condition and features, and then publishing this information on various sites.

Then, you'd need to meet with prospective buyers. It can be tedious figuring out a time that works for you both. It's also tedious meeting with each potential buyer, showing them the RV, and answering all their questions. You may need to do several appointments before you ever get an offer.

Or, you can speed the process up with RV consignment. RV dealerships already have an established customer base and marketing tactics. It won't take the dealer long to sell your camper.

RV Consignment is Hassle-Free

With RV consignment, the dealer does all the difficult work. They handle the various tasks, such as advertising the camper and handling the final sale paperwork. Let the dealer do the heavy lifting while you simply collect the payment.

Ready to consign your RV? Maple Grove RV is here to help. Simply contact us or stop by our dealership in Everett, Washington. We also proudly serve those in Bellevue and Seattle, Washington.

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