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RV REPAIR Services

With our new 60’ x 12’ state of the art side draft paint booth, combined with our highly qualified paint technicians, we are equipped to provide any RV paint repair necessary. Whether you require RV body repair, RV fiberglass repair or RV roof replacement as a result of an accident, or need exterior painting and RV decal replacement to return your coach to its original appearance, our pros can handle it all.


Faded RV paint, peeling RV decals and cracked or peeling clear coat can make your coach appear old beyond its years. But with a little help from our RV painting pros and a fresh set of replacement RV decals, your coach can look like new again. We have the facilities and expertise to take care of all your RV painting and refinishing needs, whether you’re looking for a custom RV paint job, professional RV decal replacement or a few touch-ups finished with a high-gloss shine we can do it all!


Cracked windshields, broken RV windows and fogged glass are not just unsightly — they can also be a safety hazard. We provide RV window replacement and RV window repair services for both motorized and towable coaches, as well as RV windshield replacement and repairs. In some motorhomes, the windshield must be resealed every few years to ensure the gasket remains watertight.


Is the interior of your RV beginning to show its age? Are your driver and passenger seats stained or is the leather cracking, is the fabric on your seating looking worn or dated or is your floor covering stained or worn out? If the answer to these questions is yes then we can help. Our expert upholstery service can make your seating look like new again, and we can replace your existing floor covering with exciting new options.


Has your roof sustained damage from water leaks? Ignoring or delaying your RV rubber roof repair or fiberglass roof repair can result in RV roof leaks that cause mildew, rot and other costly water damage in your sub-roof, ceiling, walls, floors and interior. That’s why scheduling your RV rubber roof replacement or fiberglass roof repair now can actually save you money over the long haul. If your fabric ceiling is stained or if your vinyl ceiling is sagging or falling down we can replace it with a new soft touch vinyl ceiling.



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Our RV service center is located in Everett, WA close to nearby Seattle.