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The progressive coach among Class A motorhomes, American Coach features a luxury lineup that sets the bar in modern motorhome design. Simply put, you won’t find a more contemporary motor coach. American Coach combines the sleek styling of a luxury car with the undeniable comforts of a luxury home. The result — the road never looked this good. Discover the only motor coach considered synonymous with other American luxury brands.

American Revolution RV - Sunstone


This model is simply packed with value when compared to its rivals. The fit and finish inside and out is superb, and combined with the chassis story below and UltraSteer, this coach will provide you with the best combination of features money can buy.

American Dream RV - Pacific


The moment you step into this coach you will feel the impact of why American Coach has become the go to luxury motorhome brand in the industry. Bathe yourself in luxury from front to rear, you will find it difficult to go home when the time comes.

American Eagle RV - Amber Ridge


This coach represents the ultimate in a motorhome experience period! From the 600-HP Cummins ISX engine, to the stunning high gloss exterior paint scheme and ultra luxurious interior, the American Eagle has set the bar and is the conclusive winner in its class.



Save yourself literally thousands of dollars when comparing “like for like” features from other industry leaders and their models. When purchasing a motorhome much of what you don’t see is more important than what you do see. Henry Ford said it best “Quality means doing things right when no one else is looking”. This adds up to the construction of a superior coach that costs less and from a well-respected brand. Bottom line American Coach packs more hidden craftsmanship than any other coach in its class and can best be explained in 3 ways: Innovation, Craftsmanship, and Styling.



True innovation answers the needs that a customer never imagined. The list of advanced amenities in the cab alone rivals that of any luxury brand. From the latest in iPad technology, to the ultimate in driver comfort, American innovations will surround you as you command the open road.

An exceptionally built motorhome should ride on an equally exceptional foundation. American coach uses its own exclusive chassis, the Liberty Chassis, and features a Freightliner V-Ride rear drive axle for increased sway control and better coach handling. The heavy-duty steel bridge along with the Freightliner UltraSteer B-Series tag axle, provides passive steering, added strength, increased maneuverability and better handling for confident command of the road ahead.


From elegant hand-laid porcelain tile to solid hardwood cabinetry, it’s the small details that capture the American Coach dedication to quality craftsmanship. In the galley alone they’ve created a culinary masterpiece, using only the finest materials.

American Coach knows nothing worth having comes easy, especially American luxury. Nestled in the Heartland town of Decatur, Indiana, we’ve put our own stamp on what it means to be “Made in America” for more than two decades. From the finest materials to a meticulous attention to detail, quality craftsmanship streams through their pores to create an impeccable, trustworthy line of American Coach motorhomes. Look around. You’ll easily see distinct details in every corner — proof the exceptional exists.

The beauty of American Coach is more than skin deep. They feature the latest construction techniques including premium automotive paint for a lasting finish, steel cab construction for added safety, sound absorption materials for a quiet ride, and an interlocking roof, floor and sidewalls for unmatched durability.


American Coach believes luxury shouldn’t be pretentious, especially when it comes to modern styling. In fact, the modern interiors of American Coach are a welcome change from the overdone décor found in most high-end RVs. Sleek and simple, American Coach is the closest thing to a luxury car. Considered the modern motorhome of today’s RV industry, American Coach captures luxury inside and out with clean lines and subtle curves, because we believe beauty should speak for itself.

Depending on your preference, American Coach uses high-gloss or satin-finish cabinetry for a modern interior. We leave raised-panel doors and super ornate finishes to other manufacturers because too much “lip stick” is never a good thing. From Baltic Graphite to Espresso Onyx, American Coach’s fabric palette features contemporary colors for a timeless yet modern twist. Rich textures, like Ultraleather in the cockpit, and polished surfaces, like hand-laid porcelain tile, complete these modern motorhomes.

For an automotive look, American Coach partners with some of the world’s premier design firms, like Astheimer, which attracts luxury clients like Ferrari, Maserati and Bentley. In fact, American Coach’s newest low-profile dash flaunts automotive-style stitching to set it apart.