Why Buy a Travel Trailer?

There are a lot of RV types to choose from, but one of the most popular choices are travel trailers! Travel trailers are defined as a towable RV, meaning they have to be moved with a tow vehicle. Continue reading to learn more about travel trailers and why they might be the perfect option for you. 


Cost is a major concern for most buyers and travel trailers tend to be available at a more affordable price point. This can be especially true if you’re interested in a smaller model or basic features. 

When you consider the manufacturing and design, you’ll also realize you’ll save money over time as well. Since they don’t have their own drivetrain or engine, there is a lot less to maintain. Of course there will still be general upkeep, but you won’t have to worry about oil changes or filters! 

Easy to Tow

Travel trailers are also extremely user friendly, even if you’ve never towed a trailer before. Bumper pull hitches are the most common hitch type, so your commuter vehicle likely already has one or it can easily be installed. 

Lightweight models, like the ones offered by inTech Trailers, are especially easy to tow! They’re sleek and light enough that you won’t feel too much resistance when you pull it on the road, even at higher speeds. 

Even if you choose a smaller model for ease of travel, you won’t have to sacrifice the amenities you want. 

Comfort and Options

Travel trailers are comfortable no matter how you like to travel. Whether you prefer luxurious campgrounds or off-grid locations, trailers can be the perfect solution for whatever your needs are. 

You can select from different layouts, which can directly affect your comfort. Just like in a house, the floorplan of a trailer can contribute to its functionality. You can find models that prioritize the bedroom space or ones that focus on the kitchen. You can also select options with slideouts, outdoor kitchens, awnings, larger showers, and bunk beds. 

The sheer amount of choices available with travel trailers make them flexible and easy to cater to your exact needs. Plus, there is no denying that having a trailer will make travel so much more enjoyable!


You’ve probably seen people completely revamp their RV spaces to resemble a more cozy, home-like atmosphere. Travel trailers can be perfect for your DIY visions! The builds are typically very straightforward, so you can make adjustments without needing to alter any of the appliances or structure. 

Are you ready to find the perfect trailer? Visit us in Everett, WA, where we proudly serve Seattle and Bellevue. We offer financing, painting, and body work!

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