Simple Maintenance to Avoid Common Slideout Issues

Slideouts are a game-changer in RV floorplans, allowing lots more real estate for living rooms, bedrooms, and more. However, when they are not working you can be stuck with a cramped living area or a rig that you can’t drive. 

We recommend bringing your RV to our service department for regular maintenance checks. However, knowing more about your slideout contributes to self-reliance, so here’s some info on keeping your slideout happy and humming, from the team at Maple Grove RV in Everett, WA, serving Seattle and Bellevue. 

Cleaning and Lubrication

The simplest way to keep your slideouts functioning at their best is to ensure they’re clean. Grit, grime and debris can damage and dry out the tracks, inviting costly repairs. Follow the guidance in your owner’s manual to regularly clean the tracks, and use the recommended lubricant. Perform this maintenance at least twice a year to get the best performance from your slideouts. 

Appliance and Plumbing Fixtures

When your slideout has electrical or plumbing elements, inspect these components regularly, especially if you have had any issues with the slideout. 

Battery System

Slideouts depend on a charged and maintained battery to function. If your slideout is sluggish and not responding well, get a technician to check out the battery system. 


A well-functioning slideout is centered and balanced. Even a subtle misalignment can interfere with smooth function. If your slideout isn’t moving smoothly or is making unusual noises, try cleaning and lubricating the tracks. If that doesn’t solve the problem, bring it into our shop and we’ll check it out. 

Other issues with slideouts can include the hydraulics, venting, and more. How well these complicated structures perform can make or break your trip, so take good care of them! Schedule a maintenance appointment at Maple Grove RV in Everett, WA, where we serve the Seattle and Bellevue RV communities.

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