Reasons to Buy a Towable RV

When you’re looking for the perfect way to enhance your camping experience, an RV is an obvious choice—and towable models are the most convenient and affordable options out there! We here at Maple Grove RV want to make sure you get the most out of every trip, so we’ve put together a few of the benefits of towable RVs, below. To learn more, or to see the towable RVs we have for sale, contact our store in Everett, Washington, today!


No matter what kind of camper you’re looking at or how big they are, they’re going to be an investment. That means that any way you can save can be invaluable and get you to your dream vacation that much sooner. Thankfully, towable rigs are the more affordable half of the RV market, whether you’re looking for something minimalistic or packed with luxury amenities.

Part of the reason these campers are so affordable is that they have no powertrain of their own, instead relying on your tow vehicle to move from place to place. Without that expensive component and the costly maintenance and potential breakdowns it can experience, you save a huge amount of money over time.

They also tend to be relatively lightweight, so towing them with your vehicle will often use less fuel than if you traveled with a comparable rig that could move itself.


Depending on the size of the towable RV you want, they can be pretty easy to tow. The smallest and lightest models can be easily towed with any consumer vehicle, and somewhat larger lightweight models like the agile and versatile campers inTech RV creates might need an SUV.

While the most luxurious and spacious towable RVs may require a heavy-duty pickup, anyone looking for a more simplistic way to camp in comfort will be delighted with lighter options that can be towed by just about anything with a trailer hitch.

Bring Your Vehicle With You

If you’re driving your RV on its own, you might need someone following you in a vehicle or a heavy and fuel-intensive trailer to bring your normal vehicle along with you. With a towable RV, however, your vehicle is along for the ride by default. That means easy trips to and from a grocery store, restaurants, or local attractions like nature parks.

Are you ready to see what a towable RV can do for you? If you have any questions, or you just want to see the towable RVs we have in stock right now, contact us at Maple Grove RV. We proudly serve the people of Bellevue and Seattle, Washington—let us serve you today!

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