inTech Flyer Travel Trailer Review: 2 Easy Ways to Travel

There are plenty of ways to make your time at the campground feel more free and fun for everyone. These inTech Flyer travel trailers from Maple Grove RV give you all features you need for better times at the campground. Learn more in this inTech Flyer travel trailer review.

inTech Main
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inTech RV Flyer Chase

These convenient RVs are the perfect option if you are looking for a way to take comfort on the road without stress. These units are designed to offer sleeping space for two while providing you with the comfort you need for a great night’s sleep at the campground. The rear doors make it easy for you to load and unload your camping gear, while the open cargo space allows for hauling all your equipment and gives you space for sleeping up to two.

Additional Features:

  • Rear Doors 
  • MaxxAir Vent Fan
  • Prepped for Solar
  • 12V/USB/120V Outlet
inTech Interior
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inTech RV Flyer Pursue

You’ll love cooking around the campfire with this inTech Flyer Pursue travel trailer. There’s a pull-out kitchen with a two-burner range and a cooler to help you cook around the campfire. You’ll find plenty of space for sleeping two inside this inTech RV Flyer Pursue travel trailer, and you’ll love that there’s ample storage inside for all your camping gear.

Additional Features:

  • Rear Doors
  • Side Entry Door
  • 59″ x 78″ Bed
  • Front Storage Cabinet
  • LED Dome Lights
inTech Exterior
There’s a tent for creating plenty of shade for your campsite.

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