2018 American Coach Luxury RVs

Henery Ford said it best “Quality means doing things right when no one else is looking”! When purchasing a luxury Class A diesel coach much of what you don’t see is really what a client should base their purchasing decision on, the rest is icing on the cake. An American coach chassis features a host of new technology all of which is difficult to see.┬áThe Liberty chassis V-Ride allows you to experience luxury without weight limits. Previous suspension system designs severely limit your CCC (cargo carrying capacity) V-Ride is the first-ever single-axle suspension rated at 24,000 pounds, meaning you can carry more gear without sacrificing safety. This system also increases your towing capacity from a 10,000 pound integrated hitch to 15,000 pounds, a 35% increase! The German ZF independent front suspension provides a super smooth ride even on rough terrain. Also steering and maneuvering has always been a concern to drivers of larger diesel coaches. The UltraSteer B-Series & I-Series by Freightliner makes this concern a thing of the past. This system provides up to a 17% reduction in curb-to-curb turning radius (140% increase) and a 20% tighter turning angle. For a better understanding of how UltraSteer works, please view this video.

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